You can now enjoy the offerings of the restaurant, safely and regardless of the weather, in the Igloo Terrace – not only in summer but throughout the year.

Whether you represent a restaurant, an office, or a shopping centre, either in the public or the private sector, we are happy to help you extend the terrace season all year round.

Igloo Terrace solutions can also be tailored to meet your needs. Check out Igloo Terrace standard and available features.

The benefits of the Igloo Terrace



Enables the efficient utilization of the restaurant terrace all year round

Increase sales

Igloo Terrace increases the sale of food and drinks


Offers the restaurant customers the opportunity to enjoy the terrace, whatever the weather

Stay healthy

Igloo Terrace helps avoid virus infections by enabling social distancing


Igloo Terrace heats and cools, based on the need, and provides protection against rain and snow

Easy to install

Igloo Terrace does not require building permit; easy and quick to take into use

Standard features

High-end materials

  • Galvanised steel frame, welded or screwed profiles 40x40x3mm, 60x20x3mm, 40x20x3mm, 14x14x2mm
  • Safety glass and insulating glass, the total thickness of the glass section: 24 mm (6+12+6 mm)
  • Sound-insulating glass, sound insulation rating: 36 dB
  • Alucoworld panels – GB/T 17748-2008, 4.5 mm aluminium-plastic-composite
standard features

Comfort staying

  • Fundermax floor panels – Max Compact Interior – Black Core – 0080IP/SX /
  • Table and chairs
  • Sockets underneath the table
  • Modular sockets, USB port modules
Standard features

Convenient & adjustable

  • LED lighting (dimmable, can be adjusted to warm or cold white)
  • Ceiling side-glass that can be opened
  • Electric windows
  • Power connection underneath the igloo, enclosure class IP55 (protected against spray water and dust, suited for outdoor use)

Available options for your Igloo Terrace

UV reflective glass

Recommended for outdoor use

Heat reflective glass

Recommended for outdoor use

Electrochromic glass

Keep the privacy when needed

Heated glass

Recommended for outdoor use, power consumption 250 W/m2

Fire-proof glass

Temperature sensor

Enables setting the inner temperature of the igloo at the desired level


Exterior panels (for offices)

Electric curtains

Floor insulation 

20+30 mm Styrofoam™

Electric locking system

Temperature sensor/thermostat that enables setting the inner temperature of the igloo at the desired level

Magnetic door-closing

Programmable card-controlled magnetic door-closing mechanism


Air conditioning system

Wireless QI charging

LED lighting 

(multicolour, RGBW)

USB charging socket

Antibacterial UV lights

Solar panels

Are we missing something?

Technical specs and numbers of Igloo Terrace


Input: 100–240 AC, 6,0 A, 50–60 Hz

Output VAC (table socket): 100–240 AC, 5,6 A, 50–60 Hz

Example calculation:
Power consumption: 250 W/m
2, i.e. 10 m2 of glass consumes 2.5 kWh.
This volume of glass is sufficient for a space of 50 m
2 at best.
Therefore, the day-specific cost when the terrace is open for 10 hours is:
2.5 kWh x 10 h x 0.06 cents/kWh = € 1.5


1–2-person igloo 225 cm x 186.5 cm x 93.5 cm (height, width, depth)

1–4-person igloo 225 cm x 186.5 cm x 125 cm (height, width, depth)

Table height 75 cm


1–2-person igloo: 670 kg

1–4-person igloo: 840 kg


10-year guarantee for the frame and the glasses

Sockets, magnetic locking systems, glass opening mechanism, LED lights, etc, are covered by a standard guarantee.

Ecology and economy

All parts of the Igloo Terrace are made from recyclable materials.

The heated glasses are power-efficient

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